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Recently retired investigative newspaper reporter Quentin Thomas is dealing with another relationship breakup when the bigwigs at his former paper call in markers to get him back. There’s a blockbuster story waiting to be written..


An astrologically inspired killer targeting lawyers has eluded the FBI for months and they aren’t happy when Quentin starts poking around. A romance soon blossoms with an astrology club member, prompting an attack by the apparent killer who’s fatally shot when he takes on the police.


The Feds close the case – but Quentin knows better. The celestial symbol clues left at each homicide are decoded. Only Quentin believes they point to the real murderer’s identity. Now, he must prove he’s right. As he navigates through a complicated and treacherous investigation, Quentin also discovers the reason for a phobia that explains his romantic frustrations.

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Don Derkach book author

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Don Derkach has a surprise!  He added a chapter to the book.  It will be available for download on the […]

Devon’s Book Review

I have finished The Sky Tells No Lies by Don Derkach and I must say I really enjoyed this book. […]

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The Sky Tells No Lies by Don Derkach; My Final Thoughts  http://devonsbookreviews.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-sky-tells-no-lies-by-don-derkach-my.html I have finished The Sky Tells No Lies […]

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