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Exceeded my expectations!

Well written and enjoyable. A page turner murder mystery with the added twist of astrology.

Don’t be turned off by the astrology… it may take you a bit to absorb it all, but the author does a good job of bringing it together and making it an understandable part of the story.

A recommended read!

EC Amazon Review

This was a fabulous mystery.

Loved every minute of it.

Waiting for Derkach’s next book.

Lanona Amazon Review

A great read.

A different concept in a mystery novel.

Alan Amazon Review

I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway and I’m tickled to have gotten the opportunity to read it!!

I’m a sucker for astrology, mystery, murder, & revenge!!

This book hits all the right buttons for me!

I’m sure I’ll read it a few dozen times!!

A Definite must read in my eyes!!

Dusty Good Reads Review

I really liked this book, I know nothing about astrology but the book made a lot of sense and the ending was unexpected.

Highly recommended. One thing the author said that I never thought about and that is the one that wins the most in class action suits is the lawyers.

Yvonne Goodreads Review

Highly recommend this book!! Very interesting.

Nice to find a book with a fresh type of plot!!

You won’t regret it hope too see more from this author!!

Animallover Amazon Review

Don Derkach delivers an interesting twist on the “traditional” murder mystery.

Tightly woven plot kept me intrigued throughout (and made me very curious about my birth signs…)

A great read!

Diana Amazon Review

Astrology, revenge, murder.

A must read book with an interesting plot and ending.

Read it once. Read it twice. Loved it.

Lorraine Good Reads Review