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The Sky Tells No Lies by Don Derkach; My Final Thoughts

I have finished The Sky Tells No Lies by Don Derkach and I must say I really enjoyed this book. It’s not terribly long, only 272 pages. And it was a fast read, nothing too complicated but action filled and suspenseful at the same time.

The book mainly revolves around a man named Quintin, or QT as he is often referred to as, and the murderer who called himself Horoscopus. The murderer calls himself that because he uses astrological signs and planet alignments to determine when his best time to murder and get away with it is. The author does a great job of explaining the thinking behind this for the reader through QT, the reader learns it with him since he is new to it as well. QT is a retired investigative reporter who gets talked into assisting with the investigation and gets involved way more than he ever expected. He also seems to really get into the astrological signs as he learns about them. But I won’t say much more, I don’t want to give anything away.

There are several POV changes in the book and they were well done. They are mostly shifts between QT and Horoscopus but there are a few POV changes to some of the other side characters as well. It was fun to see things from different perspectives. There were only a few spots that the POV changes could have been a little smother I think, or at least a little more noticeable, but in the end the reader can figure them out.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I’m rating it a 5/5 on I have never really been interesting in astrology and signs and horoscopes and things like that but this book made it interesting because  I wanted to see how Horoscopus planned it all out and made the connections. The characters were well formed and believable as well. I would strongly recommend this book so anyone who likes investigative/murder/mystery books. It’s something different and well written.

I would like to thank Don Derach for sending me this novel since I won it in a giveaway. I really enjoyed the book 🙂